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Virtual Fax:

Secure, Reliable, and Convenient Faxing Solution


Send and Receive Faxes Anywhere, Anytime

Axio Voice Fax is a virtual (cloud-based) faxing platform that revolutionizes the way you send and receive faxes. With our secure and reliable Virtual Fax solution, you can eliminate the need for physical fax machines and traditional phone lines. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of faxing from anywhere, while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.

Key Features

Secure and Compliant

Rest assured that your faxing activities are fully compliant with industry standards. Our Virtual Fax solution is HIPAA compliant, European GDPR compliant, and PCI DSS compliant. Achieving these certifications through independent audits demonstrates our commitment to safeguarding your sensitive information and meeting strict security and privacy regulations.


Dependable Performance

Count on our Virtual Fax solution for dependable performance and reliable deliverability. We have a consistent track record of ensuring successful fax transmission and provide comprehensive technical support to address any concerns or issues you may encounter. Experience hassle-free faxing with our trusted platform.

Easy-to-Understand Fax Dashboards

Stay informed and in control of your faxing activities with our user-friendly fax dashboards. Quickly access information such as the sent time, received time, and status of your faxes. Monitor the progress of your fax transmissions and easily track the status of incoming faxes. Our intuitive interface makes it simple to manage and organize your fax communications.


Automatic Retries

Say goodbye to the frustration of failed fax transmissions. Our Virtual Fax solution includes automatic retries, eliminating the need for manual resends of failed faxes due to busy lines or other fax-related errors. Enjoy enhanced efficiency and productivity, knowing that our system will automatically retry sending your fax until it is successfully delivered.

Multiple File Formats Supported

Our Virtual Fax solution supports a wide range of file formats, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for your faxing needs. Send and receive faxes in formats such as DOC, DOCX, PDF, TIF, JPG, ODT, TXT, and PNG. Whether you need to fax documents, spreadsheets, or images, our platform handles them seamlessly.


Supercharge Your Traditional Fax Machine

Fax technology may have remained largely unchanged for decades, but with Axio Voice's FaxEnable, you can supercharge your traditional fax machine with modern features. Our solution offers a unique and cost-effective way to enhance your faxing capabilities. Enjoy advanced features and functionalities at a price that is typically lower than what you currently spend on a traditional fax phone line.

Simplify and Secure Your Faxing Process

Experience the convenience, reliability, and security of Virtual Fax with Axio Voice. Simplify your faxing process, eliminate the need for physical fax machines, and ensure compliance with industry standards. Embrace the future of faxing with our innovative solution.


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