Door Phones

Enhance Security and Communication at Your Entry Points

At Axio Voice, we understand the importance of secure and efficient communication at entry points in your premises. Our selection of door phones offers a reliable and convenient solution to control access and enhance communication at your doors or gates. Designed with advanced features and seamless integration, our door phones provide an added layer of security and convenience for your business.


Experience the Benefits of Our Door Phones

Efficient Communication:

Our door phones enable seamless communication between visitors and your staff, allowing for easy screening and access control. With two-way audio communication, visitors can communicate their intentions or requests, while your staff can respond and grant access with ease.

Enhanced Security:

Door phones are an essential component of any robust security system. By incorporating door phones into your access control strategy, you can effectively monitor and control entry points, ensuring only authorized individuals gain access to your premises. This helps to maintain a secure and safe environment for your employees and assets.

Convenient Access Management:

Our door phones streamline the access management process, allowing your staff to remotely grant or deny access to visitors without leaving their workstations. This enhances operational efficiency and reduces the need for physical presence at entry points, especially in larger facilities.

Seamless Integration:

Our door phones seamlessly integrate with our Cloud Office communication system, enabling you to manage access control and communication from a centralized platform. You can easily integrate door phones with your existing IP telephony infrastructure, ensuring smooth communication and efficient access management.

Explore Our Door Phone Selection:


Outdoor Intercom with RFID

The Outdoor Intercom with RFID is perfect for secure access settings requiring RFID access control and two-way communication. With encrypted RFID, the Outdoor Intercom can increase the security of any VoIP installation.

The product supports up to 500 RFID cards. A card with a blacklisted code will trigger a phone call with a pre-recorded message and/or a multicast stream to IP notification endpoints. The access code list, designating valid entry times or blacklisted users, can be updated manually using the web interface, or imported using the web page.


RFID/Keypad Access Control Endpoint

The RFID/Keypad Secure Access Control Endpoint uses PoE network infrastructure to securely unlock and lock gates or doors.

PoE powered and in a secure outdoor-rated case, the RFID/Keypad Secure Access Control Endpoint can store up to 500 access codes.


Outdoor Intercom with Door Release

The Outdoor Intercom delivers two-way communication and secure access control for your Cloud Office phone system. These devices are perfect for settings such as commercial/residential facilities, schools and universities, retail establishments, warehouse and manufacturing plants, SMB, parking garages, shipyards and so much more.


Hand Wave Indoor Intercom with Door Release

The Hand Wave Indoor Intercom is a gestureactivated device delivering touch-free twoway communication and secure access control for your Cloud Office phone system.

Activated by a hand wave, this device is ideal for high-traffic settings such as medical facilities, commercial/residential facilities, schools and universities, retail establishments, warehouses, and manufacturing plants

Choose Axio Voice for your door phone needs and enhance the security and communication at your entry points. Our door phones offer efficient and reliable access management solutions, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your business. Contact us to learn more about our door phone options and how they can benefit your communication infrastructure.

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