Automated Dialer for Contact Centers

The Ultimate Telemarketing Tool

The Axio Voice Dialer is an enterprise-grade omni-channel contact center system designed and built to enhance the efficiency and productivity of businesses of all sizes. With its comprehensive set of features and functionalities, it offers a powerful solution for managing inbound, outbound (predictive + preview), and blended dialing operations. From webRTC and REST APIs to realtime dashboard, reports, analytics, and more, the Axio Voice Dialer provides everything you need to optimize your contact center operations.


Calling Data Management

Efficiently manage call appointments, scheduled callbacks, and other call-related data with the Axio Voice Dialer. This simplified data management process helps you streamline lead management, ensuring that no opportunities slip through the cracks. By centralizing and organizing your calling data, you can enhance your lead nurturing strategies and improve overall customer relationship management.

Future-Proof Scalability

The Axio Voice Dialer is engineered with future challenges in mind, ensuring that your contact center remains scalable and adaptable. As your business evolves and expands, the dialer's advanced features and flexible architecture will accommodate your changing requirements. With the Axio Voice Dialer, you can confidently invest in a solution that grows with your organization and keeps you ahead of the competition.


Maximize your ROI

By leveraging powerful lead management applications and an interactive dashboard, the Axio Voice Dialer empowers you to run various campaigns with ease, ultimately leading to better financial results. The flexibility provided by the dialer allows you to tailor your campaigns to specific objectives, ensuring that your resources are optimized for maximum return on investment.

Powerful Reporting & Management Features

Gain valuable insights into your campaign performance and agent productivity through the Axio Voice Dialer's robust reporting and management features. Real-time maintenance of campaign Page 51 key metrics and continuous monitoring of agent performance enable you to make data-driven decisions and take proactive measures to optimize your contact center operations. With the Axio Voice Dialer, you can access comprehensive statistical results that enable you to fine-tune your strategies and drive better outcomes.


Dialer Features

When choosing a dialer for your call center or business, effectiveness in fulfilling your specific needs is crucial. The Axio Voice Dialer stands out with its purposeful use of data, various customization options, affordability, ready-to-use reports, and emphasis on security. Here are some key features of the Axio Voice Dialer:

Purposeful use of Data

The Axio Voice Dialer intelligently utilizes customer-related data such as contacts, call logs, and call history. By automatically dialing a bulk of contact numbers and generating real-time call details, the dialer facilitates improved customer relationship management and enables personalized interactions with clients.

Various Customization Options

Tailor the Axio Voice Dialer to suit the unique needs of your business. With a range of customization options available, you can choose the features that align with your requirements and program the dialer accordingly. Whether you run a medium, large, or small-scale operation, the Axio Voice Dialer offers the flexibility to adapt to your business environment.

Comes in a Small Budget

Investing in a dialer shouldn't break the bank. The Axio Voice Dialer is an affordable solution that offers different pricing options based on the features you need. Avoid paying for unnecessary features and instead focus on the functionalities that directly contribute to your business goals. With the Axio Voice Dialer, you can enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive dialer without overspending.

Ready-to-use Reports

Access meaningful reports related to agent performance and campaign effectiveness with the Axio Voice Dialer. By creating and calibrating campaigns based on these reports, call center managers can enhance productivity levels, while agents can have more productive conversations with customers. The Axio Voice Dialer empowers you with actionable insights to optimize your call center operations effectively.


Data security is a top priority with the Axio Voice Dialer. Our cloud systems are designed to protect confidential customer data from any security breaches. Our dedicated Dialer support team works tirelessly to ensure the security of your data and actively monitors for any unintended activity, giving you peace of mind.

Call Management Features

  • Dedicated Direct Calling User Extensions
  • Personal Voicemail & Team Voicemail
  • Outbound Calls – Manual, Preview, Auto, and Predictive
  • Inbound Calls – Automated Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Blended Calls (Inbound, Outbound)
  • Scheduled Callbacks (Manual & Auto)
  • 3-way Conference and Call Transfers
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with Campaign/Queue
  • Broadcast and Survey Dialing

Campaign Management Features

  • Multi-Lead List per Campaign
  • Agents Allocated Simultaneously to Multiple Campaigns
  • Campaign-Defined Scripts
  • Custom Caller ID – Campaign Specific
  • Custom Call Statuses and Call Dispositions
  • Dynamic Area Code Caller ID
  • Hotkeys for Quick Hangup and Call Dispositions
  • Filter Leads (Dynamically Exclude Numbers from Lists)

Compliance Features

  • US, UK, and Australia Telemarketing Compliance
  • Drop Timer with Safe-Harbor Message for FTC Compliance

Call Recording & Voice Log Storage

  • Available Full Call Recordings or On-demand

Lead Management Features

  • Upload and Download of Customer Lists
  • Leads Filtering
  • Leads Recycle
  • Internal DNC and Blacklist
  • Leads Timezone Restrictions

Supervisor Management Features

  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Listen-in, Barge-in & Whisper
  • Force Log-out
  • Reports and Analytics

Team Management Features

  • Multi-Group, Multi-Campaign Assignments
  • Skill-Rating based Agent Priority Routing
  • Support for Remote and Mobile Workers

Experience the Competitive Edge with Axio Voice's Dialer

Axio Voice's Dialer provides a complete solution for the contemporary needs of call center environments. Its progressive features create an efficient and customer-centric environment, giving your business a competitive edge. With its advanced functionalities, scalability, and affordability, the Axio Voice Dialer ensures that your contact center operations are optimized for success.


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