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Numbering Policy

Last Updated: November 2022

Use of voice and/or facsimile services provided by Axio Networks, LLC; d.b.a. Axio Voice is subject to this Numbering Policy. This Numbering Policy incorporated into and made a part of the Agreement. Customer may obtain new numbers from Axio Networks, LLC; d.b.a. Axio Voice for use with the Services, or may port existing numbers, subject to the terms below. Axio Networks, LLC; d.b.a. Axio Voice will hereby referred to as ‘Axio Voice’.

I. Number Availability. Axio Voice makes available phone numbers for use with voice and facsimile services, which Customer may select for assignment to the Customer’s Account. Axio Voice’s listing of a number as available may be erroneous and does not constitute a representation or guarantee that such number is actually available for such assignment. In the event a chosen number is not actually available, Axio Voice may remove such number from an Account.

II. Number Porting

A. Number Port-In Request Procedures. Customer must keep their existing service active in order to port a phone number to Axio Voice.

In order to request the porting of a telephone or facsimile number into an Account, the Account Administrator for the Account into which you wish the telephone or facsimile number to be ported must log in to the Admin Portal for such Account and complete all steps and provide all information requested as part of the number port-in request process (which may include without limitation providing an executed Letter of Agency) or as otherwise requested by Axio Voice.

In order to port more than 100 phone numbers from the same third party service provider account into the Axio Voice Account, you must contact Axio Voice’s Project Porting Department and comply with their instructions. Porting requests are processed between the hours of 8 am – 5pm PST, Monday-Friday. After-Hours porting requests will be processed the following day, in accordance with industry practice.

B. The Number Porting Process.

In order to request the porting out to another services provider of a telephone or facsimile number currently assigned to an Account, you must follow the instructions specified by that services provider and must provide all information and cooperation requested by the relevant other services providers, Axio Voice, or any other relevant third party. The porting of phone numbers into or out of an Account requires Customer’s provision of specific and detailed information to Axio Voice and/or other service providers, and procedures imposed by other service providers or Axio Voice in order to comply with law and industry standards. Therefore, the completion of any number port request may depend on factors outside of Axio Voice’s control, including delays caused by Customer and/or other service providers.

C. Unauthorized Port Outs

Axio Voice is required by law to comply with any valid porting request. Phone numbers may be ported out from an Account due to acts or omissions of third parties, and it may be difficult or impossible for Axio Voice to: (i) prevent such port-outs: (ii) retrieve numbers ported out of an Account; or (iii) port such numbers back into an Account. Axio Voice has no responsibility or liability due to such port-outs.

D. Accurate Porting Information

Customer represents and warrants that all information provided in connection with any request to port in or port out numbers to or from the Axio Voice Services (including without limitation any information or representations in any Letter of Agency) by Customer or any party acting on its behalf or direction will be true, accurate, and up-to-date.

E. Customer Compliance with Porting Laws

The porting of numbers is subject to telecommunications and other Laws and may be subject to thirdparty terms and conditions. Customer, and/or any party acting on Customer’s behalf, shall not: (i) violate any applicable Law or engage in any fraudulent or deceptive conduct in its porting-related requests or activities; (ii) engage in or facilitate “slamming” or the porting out of any telephone or facsimile number or change or attempt to change any party’s telephony service provider without first obtaining the proper, requisite consents and authorizations; or (iii) violate contractual or other obligations to service providers or other third parties.

F. Release of Numbers

In the event of Account termination or cancellation, all telephone numbers associated with the Account which have not previously been ported to another provider may be released. The cancellation of individual Digital Lines may result in the release of the associated numbers if those numbers have not previously been ported to another provider. Customer is solely responsible for working with its new thirdparty provider to port out any numbers prior to termination or cancellation of Customer’s Account or Services, or any individual line.

III. Number Publication by Customer

All new number assignments are provisional until verified by Axio Voice and confirmed by Customer. Customer shall not publicize, list, or communicate any number that assigned to the Account, or purchase or invest in any materials or media reflecting any such number unless and until Customer has confirmed that such number(s) is(are) active and functioning as desired. Acceptable methods of confirmation include test calling such number(s) from a non-Axio Voice service plan and verifying that the fees and charges that will be incurred in connection with use of such number(s) are acceptable to Customer

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